Why We Fight

Seattle Solidarity Network is currently engaged in a campaign against Greystar Real Estate Management in which we are demanding that they repay a former tenant over $500 in charges for damages which resulted from a massive plumbing failure due to the poor state of one of their properties located in SeaTac, WA.

The family which lived in this apartment endured 20 days of having no functional restroom due to plumbing issues in both their unit and the unit above them. When approached, Greystar’s property manager responded by suggesting they use the bathroom in the leasing office (which closes at 6pm daily). The leak above their apartment resulted in extensive damages to the walls, paint, and carpets. To add insult to injury, when confronted once more about these serious issues, management gave the former tenants two movie tickets.

When the tenants were finally able to escape from their Greystar-induced nightmare, they were shocked to find that not only were Greystar withholding their security deposit but were also demanding that they pay nearly $600 in fines associated with the damage caused by Greystar’s own negligence. Under the threat of the fines immediately going to collections, the former tenants reluctantly paid up and got in touch with SeaSol to begin a campaign as soon as possible.

The aim of this campaign is twofold; we seek not only to compel Greystar to refund these ridiculous fees to their former tenants but to warn other potential renters as well. This is not an isolated incident, as you can tell by the sheer amount of awful reviews of their limitless supply of shoddy properties.

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